Taunotent prides itself on a longstanding tradition or professionalism and exceptional customer service and with offices in Johannesburg and a satellite office in Cape Town as well as field agents who travel countrywide, our friendly sales staff are standing by to assist with any product and sales enquiry. Chat to us today about a new design, on-going manufacturing services, fitment and aftercare or even a specific one-off, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Taunotent offers a comprehensive end-to-end service including:

  • Pattern concept and design
  • Customisation of prototype design
  • Prototype manufacture
  • Small to large-scale production
  • Fitment and installation
  • Alterations and repairs


Taunotent offers bespoke design and development for new products required by the individual customer or trade manufactures. Product development is undertaken through detailed consultation with the client where prototype models of the products are created and tested to ensure quality levels are met.

Projects are then completed and advance to the manufacturing phase and can be rolled out on mass to trade manufacturers or simply as one-off products to individuals.

Taunotent offers a full range or repairs and maintenence services for most existing canvas and PVC products. Adjustments and adaptaive tailoring is also offered where customers can bring in existing items and discuss options for adaptions etc. These services are undertaken by way of consultation only and require approval from clients before work is started.